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The Omerta Family is expanding! Just like our original padded pipe pouches with an Omerta twist. 100% Carbon Lining with dual lockable zippers making these pouches next level. The 5″ Omerta Smell Proof Pouch is the perfect addition to your Dime Bags collection. The 5″ Omerta smell proof pouch passes the safety/secrecy test with a solid 10/10.

With dual zippers you can put a lock on the inner zipper for additional security. The carbon lining will also allow you to go anywhere and remain discrete. If you start to smell anything, just toss it in the dryer on low for 5-10 minutes to reactivate the carbon molecules.

This pouch is also padded like our original Dime Bags Padded Pouches so all of your glass will be extra safe and secure, pinky promise. Whether you need a safe place for that bud, protection for your favorite fancy glass, or a safe pouch for your accessories – we have you covered.